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  9. A-linje Nedanför axeln Golvlång Chiffong Aftonklänning med Spets

A-linje Nedanför axeln Golvlång Chiffong Aftonklänning med Spets

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Med en elegant stil är denna härliga aftonklänning ett perfekt val för alla cocktailpartyn. Den är gjord av chiffong och spets med en off-shoulder-ringning och sofistikerade pärldekorationer. Den golvlånga A-linje chiffongkjolen passar bra i olika kurvor och kroppsformer, vilket ger dig mer självförtroende och gör att du sticker ut från mängden.
Form: A-linje
Urringning: Nedanför axeln
FÅLL/SLÄP: Golvlång
Ärmlängd: Halv ärm
Utsmyckning: Pärlbroderi
Helfodrad: Nej
Insydd BH: Ja
Fiskben: Yes
Tyg: Chiffong, Spets
Säsong: Vinter, Vår, Sommar, Höst

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     2022/08/16 01:22:49
    Vintage is making a comeback, and Bridesire has the best selection of vintage-inspired dresses. I recently purchased a beautiful cream-colored dress from them, and I love it! It's perfect for any occasion. Thank you, Bridesire, for always coming through!

     2022/07/03 07:35:39
    If you don't have a hard time picking one dress on Bridesire, you're doing something wrong. Seriously, the collection is just insane. I was looking for a dress for my friend's wedding, and I ended up buying 3 dresses because I couldn't pick one. They are all so beautiful and well-made. Always a happy customer.

     2022/03/11 01:50:46
    My daughter's prom is coming up, and I wanted her to have the best dress possible. I didn't want to spend a fortune, so I was happy when I found this dress on Bridesire. It is a wine-red dress with beautiful beads and a flared skirt, and my daughter loves it. She has always wanted to wear wine red for prom.

     2022/02/07 14:14:28
    I was really hesitant to order a dress online, especially since I needed it in a hurry for an upcoming event. But after reading the reviews on this site, I decided to take the risk. And boy, I'm glad that I did! The vintage charm of this dress makes me feel like a movie star from the golden era. It's also very comfortable, which is important since I'll be wearing it for hours at a time. The fabric is a luxurious silk chiffon which makes it feel expensive. The best part about my experience was how quickly Bridesire responded when I had questions or needed additional information on sizing and fabrics.

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